What's up
yoga crush?!

I'm Suzanne. I'm all about bringing you chakra-spinning insights and winning strategies from inspiring yogis who've managed to create a thriving, crushworthy career.

There’s gotta be a way to make
this whole yoga thing work!


That was the stubborn affirmation bouncing around my brain’s grey matter the day I decided to make the rocky (and socially unpopular) transition from recovering 9-5’er to full time yogi.

I ignored the naysayers.

Pretended I couldn’t make out the concerned undertones in the well wishes of friends and family.

I rolled out my mat, and got down to biz-nass.

Studios, privates, corporates, workshops and retreats.

Dragging my lulus all over town trying to get by (with hopefully a little leftover change to feed a growing kombucha addiction).

I didn’t expect it to be easy, but I was hoping for all the hard work and persistence to at least be met with a certain degree of sustainable living.

Spine straight. Heart forward.

I flowed onwards.

And then I experienced what pretty much EVERY yoga teacher warned me about…

This yoga thing is a non-stop,
penny pinching grind.

But if being a “yoga teacher” wasn’t working for approximately 90% of those trying to make it, then it only stood to reason that we’re long overdue for a new definition.

Enter the Yoga Crush.


If I wanted to create levels of success uncommon to the typical “yoga teacher“, then I needed to expand the definition to one capable of HOLDING the vision of success I had for myself.

One built upon the 4 Pillars that I noticed were common to ALL thriving yogalebrities.

Because if others have done it… then why not me?

Why not you?

Why not us?

That’s the inquiry.

The podcast is the exploration.

And the lessons you put into practice is your beautiful, ever-evolving answer.

Together, let’s crush it.

From my heart to yours,


Suzanne Moscovitch