Maintaining a Heart Centered Approach to Business

with Dawn Mauricio

Learn how Dawn Mauricio crushed the duality between being a heart-minded yogi and a biz-minded entrepreneur.

Maintaining a Heart Centered Approach to Business

with Dawn MauricioApril 7, 2016

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  • How Dawn sets boundaries with her students on and off the mat
  • The personal habits, routines and rituals that contribute most to Dawn’s success
  • Why goal setting and intention setting must co-exist
  • Dawn’s top 3 marketing strategies for building a personal brand
  • The pros and cons of being a leading brand ambassador
  • The most important things to be aware of when aligning yourself with a brand
  • Dawn’s advice for teachers who wish to work in studios AND build a lucrative salary
  • The 9 revenue streams Dawn has secured and how they support her in her career
  • How Dawn shifted her practice from selfish to self-less
  • The non-yoga related book that Dawn recommends every yoga teacher read
  • What held Dawn back from being a yoga crush at the start of her teaching career
  • The best business advice Dawn has ever received
  • Dawn’s top rated business resources
  • The mantra that keeps Dawn grounded in times of doubt
  • Who Dawn has named her ultimate yoga crush


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