The Art of Asking for What You Want

with Lauren Taus

"There is money to be made. In fact, there are billions of dollars in this industry to be made and it's okay to get a piece of that pie. It's a matter of being creative and entrepreneurial." --Lauren Taus

The Art of Asking for What You Want

with Lauren TausJune 30, 2016

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  • How Lauren built her thriving yoga career in one of the world’s most expensive cities
  • Why clearly stating what you want is essential to creating opportunity
  • How Lauren overcame her limiting belief that “teaching yoga is not a real career”
  • The necessary steps to establishing meaningful and profitable brand affiliations
  • How Lauren manages jealousy and competition among colleagues
  • How to overcome rejection from studios and clients
  • How to set personal and professional boundaries for greater balance and success
  • Why Lauren is no longer afraid to ask for what she is worth
  • How Lauren maintains separation between her personal and professional yoga practice
  • How Lauren manages social media overwhelm
  • The 8 revenue streams that Lauren has secured and how they support her in her career
  • Lauren’s ultimate yoga crush


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