Crushing Self-Doubt by Defining Your “Why”

with Melanie Richards

“The universe is not your b*tch! You can ask the universe who you are supposed to align with or what your mission is and how to go about it, but you have to be the one to do the leg work.” -Melanie Richards

Crushing Self-Doubt by Defining Your “Why”

with Melanie RichardsMay 5, 2016

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  • How Melanie went from bartender and wannabe actress to full-time yogi and highly sought-after studio owner (with no prior business experience)
  • How Melanie attracted a financial investor and long-term business partner to help catalyze the growth of her yoga biz
  • Melanie’s hard-hitting advice to yoga teachers who suffer from anxiety and/or poor body image
  • The importance of identifying your “why” for long term professional success and deep personal fulfillment
  • What it means to be a “social entrepreneur” and how embracing this role can push you forward in your yoga career
  • Why yoga being a “saturated market” is a non-issue
  • The steps Melanie took to become more confident with self-promotion
  • How Melanie has managed to build a company culture that inspires her team to thrive
  • How Melanie’s studio continues to prosper with 7 different revenue streams
  • Melanie’s ultimate yoga crush


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