Inviting More Joy and Ease Into Your Yoga Biz

with Pleasance Silicki

“The practice keeps me open to evolving- that’s the gift! It’s not the pose. It’s the curiosity.” -Pleasance Silicki

Inviting More Joy and Ease Into Your Yoga Biz

with Pleasance SilickiSeptember 22, 2016

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  • What Pleasance learned through closing the doors to her yoga studio
  • Why independent studios struggle and how they can work towards greater sustainability
  • How Pleasance continues to serve her community outside the studio (and why this has led to greater profitability)
  • What to do when you’ve lost your connection to the asana practice
  • How Pleasance using writing to connect to her intuition
  • Why collaboration is stronger than competition
  • How Pleasance cultivates an abundance mindset even during difficult times
  • How Pleasance learned to favor her unique skill-sets to create greater joy and ease in her business


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